On-Stage ASVS6-GB Pop Blocker

On-Stage ASVS6-GB Pop Blocker

On-Stage ASVS6-GB Pop Blocker

Pop Blocker with Clamp and Gooseneck

Prevent undesirable vocal plosives for improved recording quality with our adjustable ASVS6-GB Pop Blocker with Clamp and Gooseneck. The micro-weave nylon-screen filter inhibits pops and hisses without disrupting vocal tone. A clamp securely attaches the pop blocker to mic stands and a flexible gooseneck enables precise positioning of the screen between the mic and vocalist

6" plastic hoop, micro-weave black nylon diffuser. Bar clamp secures to shafts up to 7/8" in diameter. 13" Gooseneck.Our improved Pop Blocker connects easily to any mic stand or boom with an "Easy Grip Clamp" and V-shaped bracket attachment that fits onto any shaft up to 7/8" diameter. Includes 6" bar and 13" steel gooseneck.

 -   6" screen reduces undesirable vocal pops and hisses

 -   Micro-weave nylon diffuser reduces pops and hisses without disrupting vocal tone

 -   Base quickly and securely clamps to a mic stand or boom

 -   13" gooseneck for precise positioning and proximity adjustments

 -   Product Attributes

 -   Application    Improves vocal recordings

 -   Diameter    6"

 -   Clamp    C-Clamp with 13" Gooseneck

 -   Construction    Nylon Screen

 -   Color    Black


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