JBL 308P MkII Powered 8" Two-Way Studio Monitor

JBL 308P MkII Powered 8" Two-Way Studio Monitor

JBL 308P MkII Powered 8" Two-Way Studio Monitor

The JBL 308P MkII powered studio monitor brings legendary JBL performance to every studio, setting a new standard for professional audio reproduction. This next-generation monitor is designed to deliver exceptional sound quality and precise imaging, enhancing the mix capabilities of any modern workspace. Featuring the revolutionary JBL Image Control Waveguide, the 308P MkII ensures stunning detail and accurate dispersion of sound. This waveguide technology provides a wide sweet spot, allowing you to hear your mix with consistency and clarity, even when you're not sitting directly in front of the monitors. You can confidently make critical mixing decisions, knowing that your audio is being reproduced accurately across a broad listening area.

The refined transducers of the 308P MkII further contribute to its outstanding performance. They are designed to deliver extended frequency response and reduced distortion, enabling you to hear every nuance of your audio with exceptional clarity and precision. The result is a more immersive and detailed listening experience, allowing you to make informed decisions during the mixing process. Drawing inspiration from the renowned JBL 7 Series and M2 Master Reference Monitors, the 308P MkII incorporates patented technologies that have been refined over years of research and development. This ensures that you are getting the best-in-class performance and professional-grade audio quality in a more accessible package.

Not only does the JBL 308P MkII excel in sound reproduction, but it also features a sleek and modern design that adds a touch of elegance to any studio environment. Its compact size makes it suitable for smaller studios or limited workspace, without compromising on performance.

Experience the exceptional mix capabilities and enjoyable listening experience that the JBL 308P MkII powered studio monitor offers. Unlock the full potential of your audio productions with legendary JBL performance, precision imaging, and a wide sweet spot, all at an accessible price point.

- Patented Image Control Waveguide for detailed imaging and a broad, room-friendly sweet spot

- Next-generation JBL transducers for optimized transient response and improved linearity

- Patented Slip Stream™ low-frequency port for superior bass performance at all playback levels

- Dual integrated, custom Class-D amplifiers provide 112 watts of power for high output and dynamic range

- New Boundary EQ settings compensate for low frequency variants introduced by the environment

- HF Trim switch adjusts high-frequency output to room acoustics or personal preferences

- Flexible connectivity with balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS inputs, +4dBu / -10dBV input-sensitivity switch and adjustable volume control

- Engineered to JBL Linear Spatial Reference design criteria for outstanding accuracy in any working space

- Strenuous JBL 100-hour full-power test ensures years of reliability

- Sleek, modern design provides a visual upgrade to any studio

LF Driver Size

    203 mm (8")

HF Driver Size

    25 mm (1")

HF Driver Type

    Soft dome


    1800Hz 4th order acoustic Linkwitz-Riley

Power Configuration


HF Driver Power Amp

    56 W Class D

LF Driver Power Amp

    56 W Class D

Frequency Response

    45Hz – 20kHz (±3dB)

Frequency Range

    37Hz – 24kHz (-10dB)

Low Frequency Extension

    37Hz (-10dB)

Maximum Continuous SPL


Maximum Peak SPL


Maximum Peak Input Level

    +6dBV / +20.3dBu (-10dBV / +4dBu)

System Distortion Criteria

    <10% THD at maximum output with full compressor / limiter engagement

Electrical Distortion Criteria

    0.2% THD @ 1kHz / 2.83VRMS output; <1% THD @ 1kHz, full rated output

Signal to Noise Ratio

    75dBA (A-Weighted), 70dBr (unweighted), relative to 2.83VRMS output

Coverage Pattern

    120° x 90° (horizontal x vertical)

HF Trim Control

    -2dB, 0dB, +2dB

Boundary EQ

    LF Shelf @ 50Hz

AC Input Voltage

    100 – 240VAC (±10%), 50 / 60Hz


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