Pioneer DJ DM-50D-BT-W 5-inch Desktop Monitor with Bluetooth (White)

Pioneer DJ DM-50D-BT-W 5-inch Desktop Monitor with Bluetooth (White)

Pioneer DJ DM-50D-BT-W 5-inch Desktop Monitor with Bluetooth (White)

Pioneer DM-50D-BT: Your Ultimate 2-Way Sound Mode Solution for DJing and Music Production

In Trinidad, South Caribbean, audio enthusiasts and professionals turn to CET, a renowned audio-video retail store with decades of knowledge and a reputation for carrying top-notch professional brands and products. Among our favorites is the Pioneer DM-50D-BT, a cutting-edge speaker system that caters to both DJing and music production needs with its innovative 2-way sound mode. With the DM-50D-BT, users no longer have to choose between speakers tailored for DJing or music production.

The versatile DM series speakers offer the best of both worlds. By simply flipping a switch, users can seamlessly select either DJ mode or Production mode, and the built-in DSP settings will automatically optimize the sound output for the specific task at hand. This convenience allows DJs and music producers to focus solely on their creative processes without being burdened by technical adjustments.

One of the notable features of the DM-50D-BT is its integration of Bluetooth® technology, enabling hassle-free pairing with smartphones, mobile devices, and PC/Mac. With this wireless capability, users can effortlessly stream and play high-quality tracks directly from their preferred devices. This convenience empowers users to break free from wired limitations and explore their musical creativity with enhanced flexibility.

The Pioneer DM series speakers are revered for their exceptional audio performance. Equipped with a powerful Class D amplifier and 5-inch woofer in each unit, these speakers deliver a balanced and punchy bass sound that captivates audiences and elevates music experiences to new heights. Whether users are grooving to DJ mixes or immersing themselves in music production, the DM-50D-BT's audio prowess is sure to impress.

The Pioneer DM-50D-BT, available at CET, stands as the ultimate solution for those seeking a seamless and powerful audio experience in both DJing and music production realms. Its 2-way sound mode, complemented by Bluetooth® technology and premium audio components, makes it a sought-after choice for audio enthusiasts and professionals alike in Trinidad and the wider South Caribbean region.


This is a fantastic place better than Amazon for prices, service and a shoulder l should support for tech, audio and av solutions.

David Fraser, Google CET reviews

Friendly and accommodating staff. Great products. They offer discounts to churches (there’s a minimum purchase value). Really does cater to all your audiovisual needs. I’ll surely shop there again.

Shamillia Rock, Google CET Reviews

Quality items at affordable prices with knowledgeable and helpful staff. If what you are looking for is available here it doesn't make sense importing through a freight forwarder.

Mark Buckmire, Google CET Reviews

I've bought from them in the past on a few occasions and it's always been a good experience. I recently made a purchase and happened to have a manufacturer issue. CET immediately replaced the item with the least inconvenience to myself. When buying these types of equipment, it really is best to use a local and reliable supplier and CET is hands down my choice.Plus the staff are always helpful and respectable. Good job folks.

Raees Rahim, Facebook CET Reviews
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